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Call Today (248) 961-0229

Plymouth, MI 48170


Your Principles are Important

Vitality Nutrition works with clients in office and in-person.

During your initial consultation, Mitali will review your personal and family health history and make recommendations for lab tests that are appropriate for your specific health issues.It you want to cool off inflammation in the body, you must find the source. Treat the fire, not the smoke. In medicine we are mostly taught to diagnose disease by symptoms, NOT by their underlying cause.

We base our health programs on lab tests that assess the function of the three body systems: neuroendocrine, gastrointestinal and detoxification pathways (tests may include blood, stool, saliva, or urine samples). These tests are highly recommended to get personalized protocol but is optional.

Discuss with Mitali if you would like to opt out of lab testing.


Functional Medicine via Individual Programs


Once your lab work has been completed (lab work is recommended but optional, Mitali will explain the meaning of your test results to you in a follow up consultation.

Mitali will also create an individualized health program for you which will include one or more of the following: diet changes, nutritional supplements, and exercise, lifestyle and stress management recommendations.

Subsequent consultations are scheduled to monitor your progress and to modify your program. Repeat testing is always recommended to make sure there is improvement.