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Call Today (248) 961-0229

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Holistic Weight Loss Bootcamp: India

Holistic Weight loss Bootcamp is a highly personalized program and not one glove fits all type of a program. You receive three One-on-One sessions with the Holistic Registered Dietitian, Mitali Kapila, to tease out what your body needs. Bootcamp is the perfect way to kick start your health journey. The program targets weight loss through the most efficient, whole body approach. Do you want to feel your best for the new year ahead?

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Holistic weight loss bootcamp

Duration: 6 weeks.
What your Package Includes:
  • Three One on One sessions with Holistic Registered Dietitian (Mitali Kapila)
    • Initial Assessment
    • Treatment plan 
    • 1 Follow-up 
  • Flexibility of In person Or Virtual sessions (Video or Phone)
  • Daily accountability
  • Complimentary Access to our “Healthie app”
    • Clients can document daily food intake, metrics, monitor progress and get feedback. 
  • Monthly Holistic Newsletters with new information and recipes

We will go over your entire health and nutrition history in detail. Please bring the latest labs and any other medical information to help with the deep dive. Goal is to find the root cause through this clinical assessment.. Mitali will also ask detailed questions about your food, sleep, physical activity and bowel habits. Stress and Mental health also will be addressed in detail. If more testing is required, it will be suggested at this appointment. 

(Second Appointment): We create a treatment plan together. This includes a personalized Eating plan ( you will get what and how much to eat. We don’t share the calorie count as we want our patients to have a good relationship with food and not count calories. It’s important to follow the portion size recommendation though), Physical Activity and lifestyle modifications like Stress management and sleep habits. Professional Nutritional Supplements can also be added and we highly recommend making them part of your program to see faster, sustainable results and to address the root cause but this is completely optional. 

(Third appointment): This takes place about 10 days- 2 weeks after trying the program. We look at how your body responded to the plan and if we need to modify anything. 


Option 1: Personalized Diet, Customized Nutritional Supplements to fix underlying imbalances that cannot be fixed by diet only, physical activity and Lifestyle Modification. (Preferred for faster and sustainable results). 

Cost: Rs.14990/- + cost of professional supplements

Option 2: Personalized Diet and Physical Activity as well as Lifestyle modification. (No supplements)- Underlying imbalances may not be fixed and will take longer time to see sustainable results.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cost: Rs.14990/- 

A word about Professional Supplements

Professional Nutritional Supplements are used very commonly in Holistic Nutritional Treatments in conjunction with personalized diets and lifestyle change. These are very different from Over the counter supplements available at the stores. These can be prescribed only by Licensed Healthcare practitioners such as me. They are used under clinical settings for people with chronic health conditions so they are of highest standards devoid of any harmful substances. Targeted nutrients and herbs are used for formulating these and they undergo very strict safety testings to ensure bioavailability, purity and potency.

Join us for this amazing, result oriented 6 week Holistic Weight loss bootcamp. Together, we will jumpstart restoring your health and get the new year off to a great start!! We have a 98% success rate!! Check our google reviews for testimonials from our wonderful clients who have successfully reached their health goals!!

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