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The Last Weight Loss Program You Will Ever Need!

Stop spinning your wheels with fad diets, weight loss shots, and programs that leave you frustrated. Our Holistic Weight loss program uses state of the art Functional Nutrition strategies to build an effective, personalized program that works for your body and metabolism.

What is Holistic Weight loss?

Holistic Weight loss means addressing the root cause of your weight problems beyond the conventional approach of eating less and moving more.
If you struggle with weight loss, have been unsuccessful in losing weight on your own or with other weight loss programs, or seek an alternative to weight loss surgery/shots or desire to get to the root cause of your weight gain problems, our program will greatly benefit you.

Life changing expert advice from an experienced Functional Medicine trained Registered Dietitian, Mitali Kapila, RD.

Functional medicine does more than simply treat weight gain.Using the diagnostic framework provided by a functional medicine approach, Mitali will identify the root cause of your weight problem and then create an integrated treatment plan using a variety of treatment strategies to help you lose weight and adopt the lifestyle changes needed to maintain your weight loss.

What You will Get in the Program

This program is available as a 1 month Jumpstart or 3 month Deep Dive program. 3 month Deep Dive is recommended if you have multiple health problems besides excess weight.

1 month Jumpstart

Initial Assessment, Treatment Plan and 2 Follow ups.

3 month Deep Dive

Initial Assessment, Treatment Plan and 5 Follow ups.

Initial Assessment

Through an in-person or virtual Functional Nutrition based Initial Assessment, we’ll discuss your specific goals and challenges to determine what is the root cause behind your weight issues. We will discuss health/family history and review existing blood work. Will recommend further testing if needed. InBody Body composition scan will be performed if you come in-person.

Treatment Plan

Carefully Tailored and evidence based Treatment plan personalized for your needs. This includes a menu plan with foods to include and avoid. Exactly what and how much to eat at each meal, targeted nutritional supplements, Exercise, stress resilience and lifestyle recommendations to rebalance your body.

Follow ups

2 Follow ups are included. We discuss how you are doing on your treatment plan and make adjustments/recommendations as needed to bust plateaus. Daily Accountability and support through the Healthie App is provided. We put heavy emphasis on sustainable lifestyle changes for long term results.

Unlock the door to a Healthier, Happier you!

Benefits Of This Unique Program

1. Reduce Inflammation, insulin resistance and improve your gut microbiome.
2. Remarkable improvement in Chronic conditions like diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, fatty liver, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis, Autoimmune conditions, Pain issues, Hormonal imbalance, Thyroid issues.
3. Decrease body fat especially belly fat. Increase lean muscle.
4. Reduced cravings, fatigue, belly fat, belly bloat, hot flashes, brain fog.
5. Increased Self-confidence, happier outlook, Clear thinking, Increased energy and libido.
6. Available as online or in person program! Convenient Morning or evening times

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Get a free 1 month membership. Membership includes access to our Healthie app with daily accountability and motivation. Exclusive member only content.

We accept Aetna and BCBS MESSA insurance

Check out our google reviews of current and past success stories from real clients!

Jennie Gonzalez
Jennie Gonzalez
I feel amazing and would love to share my experience. I wasn’t searching for a dietitian but I met Mitalia at a health and wellness week at work. Since I’ve lost 13 lb and steadily dropping weight. She caught my attention because she was knowledgeable about hashimotos and explained how she could help. How to change my diet is something no dr has ever explained to me. I now have calmed down the inflammation of muscle spasms in my back, my mind is more clear and my body is feeling better by the week. She works with you and what you like to eat to build a healthy diet and curb your cravings. I wish everyone I know could understand how to heal your body with food.
Sana Ahmed
Sana Ahmed
I joined Mitali’s program after recommendation from a very good friend. For a few years I had constantly struggled with inflammation, high cholesterol and prediabetic conditions. My swelling and inflammation had reached a vey bad level – my feet and legs were always in pain. For the past 4 or 5 years I was constantly gaining weight and weight loss was an uphill struggle. I started with Mitali’s and discussed every issue I had. She worked and took time to get my blood work done and devise a customized plan with supplements. She planned a customized diet plan and it was based off all regular foods I eat. She even provided me with variations on weekends and if I slipped on diet, what my recourse was to correct it and start again next day. I have been on all this for 1.5 month and my results are unbelievable. My inflammation is almost zero and I can exercise way more as very less pain. I have lost 9 pounds in this time and honestly no feeling of starvation. I eat good healthy cooked food and diet has enough to sustain me throughout the day. I have not experienced bloating and indigestion in a long time. On top of all this, Mitali keeps track of all we eat and weight through an app. She responds to texts if you need anything answered quickly. She also has monthly meetings to check up on everything. What is working and what needs to be changed in plan that has been put together. Its been a very successful program for me and I am going to stay with this program till I reach my ideal weight. I am very grateful for Mitalis’help in understanding my issues and helping me in my journey to be healthy. I highly recommending anyone struggling with health issues to give her program a try at least once to see for themselves.
Kavita Luthra
Kavita Luthra
I am Very very pleased with Mitali guidance. I was struggling with loosing weight and energy. She gave me a very personalized plan that fits my lifestyle.and helped me achieve my goals. She was very knowledgeable and gives great recipes too. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to achieve their nutrition goals for weight loss / inflammation / and to bring a good lifestyle change.
Al Bro
Al Bro
Goals. Goals. Goals. The more we set, the more we achieve. I first came to Mitali because of my extreme fatigue. I could barely make it through a full day without feeling like I was sedated. She was able to determine multiple factors that contributed to my constant sleepiness, with the big factors being sugar crashes, not eating enough food, and leaky gut. Since going gluten free and eating more of the right food, my fatigue virtually disappeared. Going gluten free was a lot of work and I’m still adjusting to the changes and finding food alternatives. But not only is my body thanking me, my mind is thanking me as well. Mitali recommends good high quality supplements that pertain to my personal needs and I’ll continue to work with her as we continue to set new goals, and improve my overall physical and mental health!
Miss Morgan
Miss Morgan
I have been struggling with Hashimoto’s for years. It has been very difficult to lose weight and keep it off. I am also super tired all the time. I found Mitali through google and was super excited to start working with her. She actually took the time to listen to me and find the root cause of my problems. She decided to put me on a gluten free diet and I am down 15 pounds. I am also taking supplements she recommended and I have so much energy since starting the plan. In under 2 months since working together I am losing weight and am not as tired as I was. I use the Healthie app to stay accountable and she also posts on instagram to help me stay motivated. I am so glad I started my health journey with her and if you are reading this don’t hesitate to call. I wish I would’ve called sooner. Thank you so much Mitali!
Sabeena Irani
Sabeena Irani
I have been struggling for years to lose weight and keep it off.. Over exercising, intermittent fasting, keto diets without seeing results had added to my frustration and I knew I was doing something wrong! I clearly needed someone professional to guide me through my holistic journey towards my weight loss goals. Mitali did a great job of understanding the root cause of my problems which were related to gut and hormonal imbalances. She permanently fixed the root cause and provided insightful solutions for ways of rethinking food, preparation and planning. I have not only lost weight and feel great but also feel like I have a great system in place that I can build from to accomplish my future fitness goals. This is the first time I feel satisfied; my cravings have diminished dramatically, and I have a whole new relationship with food. My energy has also dramatically increased and I feel great thanks to Mitali for her professional guidance. I can actually feel the differences in my body and mind after making the changes Mitali recommended to me. She is a great listener and extremely approachable and easy to open up to. I confidently recommend Mitali and Vitality Nutrition team to help you with your fitness goals and healthier lifestyle.
Aparna Nigam
Aparna Nigam
First and foremost, Mitali’s expertise in this field is exceptional. Her deep understanding of PCOS and its nuances was evident from our very first consultation. Despite being in the US, Mitali provided me with an Indian diet plan tailored to my specific needs, which made the whole process incredibly accessible and relatable. One of the things that stood out to me about Mitali was her genuine commitment to helping me achieve my health goals. She took the time to listen to my concerns, answered all my questions patiently, and created a customized plan that worked for my lifestyle. It was evident that she genuinely cared about my well-being and was invested in my success. Mitali’s dietary recommendations were not only practical but also delicious. She provided a variety of options that allowed me to enjoy my meals while making healthier choices. Her guidance on portion control, meal timing, and food choices made it easy for me to adopt a sustainable and healthier way of eating. What truly sets Mitali apart is her holistic approach to wellness. She didn’t just focus on diet alone; she also emphasized the importance of lifestyle changes, including exercise and stress management. This comprehensive approach made a significant difference in how I felt both physically and mentally. I am delighted to share that thanks to Mitali’s guidance, I’ve seen remarkable improvements in my PCOS symptoms. My hormonal imbalances are better managed, and I’ve experienced weight loss, increased energy levels, and improved overall well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend Mitali Kapila to anyone seeking help with PCOS management or general nutrition advice. Her expertise, compassion, and dedication to her clients are truly commendable. Mitali has been instrumental in helping me take control of my health, and I am incredibly grateful for her support. Thank you, Mitali! You’re a true gem in the field of nutrition and wellness.
George Foor
George Foor
Mitali is an exceptional nutritionist who not only possesses deep expertise in the field but also demonstrates a genuine passion for helping individuals improve their health and well-being through nutrition. Her ability to connect with clients on a personal level, provide evidence-based guidance, and foster lasting change makes her an invaluable resource. I have lost over 30 pounds (and counting) on the diet she prescribed and I wholeheartedly recommend Mitali without reservation. She is a true professional, and I have no doubt that she will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of the people she helps.
Sriram Chenjeri
Sriram Chenjeri
Mitali was recommended by my wife’s friend and, I’m glad that I enrolled in her program. Mitali listened to my concerns and put together a custom plan. I see many positive changes in my weight, outlook, and energy in just one month. Mitali also provides ideas for healthy recipes and snacks. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to learn about healthy lifestyle changes.