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Call Today (248) 961-0229

Plymouth, MI 48170

Goal of the challenge

1. Manage stress during the holiday season.
2. Maintain weight and not gain. 
3. Get ready for New resolutions and health goals in the new year!

What you need to do:

Morning Routine

5 minutes Deep Breathing before getting out of bed (Breathe in For a count of 8, Hold and Breathe out for a count of 8).
Warm Tea– Green Tea or Herbal. 
Start a Manifestation/Affirmation journal. Write your goals and what you want to manifest in your life. 
On Empty stomach (fasting state)- Do 20 minutes Physical Activity of choice- (Check YouTube for exercise/Yoga/Dumbell videos you may like)
Breakfast– Protein shake with atleast 20-25 gm Protein. (Include a fruit, use non dairy milk)

Or Chia Seeds pudding with Egg

Get in touch with us if you want to check out our professional line of shake powders!

Lunch and Snacks

Lunch: Grilled Chicken/Fish/Tofu with Bowl of Sauteed Veggies (Broccoli, Bell peppers, Zucchini. Mushrooms) with sweet potatoes or Brown Rice. 
Snack: Baby carrots with Hummus or Apples with natural Peanut butter.. 
Herbal Tea. 


Hearty mixed vegetable soup  with open face sandwich. 
1 piece of Multigrain bread with hummus or Avocado topped with tomato and cucumbers. 
Small cup Cottage cheese or Greek yogurt. 

General Rules

1. Avoid or limit Alcohol. 
2. Say no to sweets except the holiday itself. 
3. Atleast 3 cups of veggies a day. 
4. Atleast 2 fruits a day. 
5. Breathwork daily. 
6. Daily 20 minutes Physical Activity. 
7. Start Manifestation journal. 
8. Get 7-8 hours of sleep. 
9. 8 cups of water minimum. 
10. Include a Protein source at each meal. 
11. Make Dinner your lightest meal of the day.