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Guide to Clean Pizza

“Food for the body is not enough! There must be food for the soul.”

Dorothy Day

Creating healthy eating habits means creating SUSTAINABLE eating habits. You have to enjoy your life and enjoy your food in order to make a lasting change in your body. 

Food tends to be utilized as a coping mechanism for stress, this is when the ice cream, brownies and pizza become problematic. Eating large amounts of processed, sugary, high saturated fat foods will make you sick and make you gain weight. BUT that’s not to say these foods can’t be in your life!!! THEY CAN!!!!

When you are out with friends or family, and everyone wants to get pizza, there is NO NEED to stress. You have so many options. Follow this guide below to build a cleaner version of pizza. You can apply these tips when making pizza at home or ordering from a restaurant!

Let’s make some Pizza!!!


Restaurants: nowadays, typically have gluten-free crust options. Call and ask your local pizza places if they offer a gluten-free option, that way you are ready and prepared when family or friends want to eat out!

Pre-made: There are many pre-made gluten-free crust options on the market! This can be overwhelming and confusing. BUT stick to the plant-based crusts, meaning the first ingredient should be a vegetable or nut! Such as cauliflower, zucchini, chickpea, almond flour, cassava flour, etc.

Also, make sure there is no ADDED sugar.

Below are some photos to help you in your shopping, these brands and products I have personally tried and know are tasty and have decent ingredients.

Homemade: Cooking or baking from scratch is always the BEST option. This allows YOU to control the flavor and the ingredients. Guaranteeing the cleanest and healthiest outcome.

I have linked a couple of great recipes for your ease.

Best Gluten-free Pizza Crust and Sauce
Photo Credits: minimalistbaker

Gluten-Free Pizza Crust
Photo Credits: glutenfreepalate


A lot of flavor can come from the sauce of a pizza. Don’t feel restricted by your options here! But make sure the sauce you are using doesn’t have any added sugar, there is just NO need.

Options for sauces

  • Classic Pizza Sauce
  • Marinara
  • Kale Pesto
  • BBQ sauce
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic

Sauces are very simple to make, and don’t need to be purchased. But if you are going to purchase already made sauce, here are a few good brands and flavors to look out for.

Some super simple, nutrient packed recipes:

Super Kale Pesto Recipe

Toppings & Spices

This is the fun part! Get adventurous, throw any veggies, leftover meat and spices you can find onto your pizza!

Make it colorful and fresh! Let’s chat about cheese. Cheese typically causes inflammation within the body and the gut, making you feel bloated and tired. With chronic intake it can even cause damage to your body. If you absolutely have to add cheese to your pizza, here are my suggestions.

  • Utilize HARD CHEESES (these are fermented during processing and are better for your gut)
  • Use just enough cheese to cover your pizza, don’t go overboard here.

As for the spices… open your spice drawer and go to town! Herbs and Spices are proven to reduce inflammation within the body. Which helps to prevent cancer, heart disease and diabetes.


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