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Five fun and healthy ways to spend the holiday!

1. Enjoy your favorite treats while being mindful this holiday season

Studies demonstrate restricting food intake before a holiday party or depriving yourself from your favorite treats will only lead to binge eating later on. Relax and enjoy your favorite holiday dishes. Healthy portions are the way to go!  

2. Unplug your technology and stay connected with your family and friends

Establishing a healthy relationship with family and friends is a great method to take care of your mental health. Several studies show that connecting with friends and family and stirring up meaningful conversations reduces stress, improves self-esteem and decreases risk of chronic disease. Considering today’s circumstances of social distancing connecting with family members via phone calls or video calls such as on zoom or facetime is great way to relax and enjoy quality time with friends or family.

3. Stay active

Whether it is a quick 15-minute workout, or a nature walk outside; keeping active has numerous physical and mental health benefits. Extensive research shows keeping active or connecting with nature improves mood and alertness, reduces stress and anxiety.

4. Participate in activities that bring you joy

Self-care is essential year-round and especially during the holiday season. Don’t forget to prioritize time for yourself indulging in an activity that makes you feel happy and improves your mood. Choose a self-care activity such as painting, reading or journaling, enjoying a spa day- whatever sparks joy for you! Participating in a self-care activity will allow you to take a break from everyday pressures, recharge and improve your mood.   

5. Pay it forward

Whether you are volunteering for an organization or complimenting someone; research shows that it will improve your mental health in addition to helping the individual or organization. Ideas include sending a surprise gift to loved ones or volunteering at your local food bank, senior center or animal shelter improves your mental and physical health, life satisfaction, and overall happiness.  

Blog written by Noor

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