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Healthy, Holistic Thanksgiving

Feeling the pressure of Thanksgiving drawing near??

10 Tips for a Holistic Holiday!

Get Organized

(1) Plan a healthy, predominantly plant-based menu. Plants taking center stage of meal planning will allow you to start your holiday season off strong. Of course, cook up your favorite traditional meat dish, but pair it with larger plant-based dishes or sides.

A benefit of cooking with mostly plants allows you to bring in organic products and helps you stay away from preservatives, artificial ingredients, and other damaging ingredients.

Why is this important? Removing preservatives and artificial ingredients from your food will allow you to walk away from this holiday feeling upbeat and energized!

Planning on having meat or dairy products mixed into your spread? Choose grass-fed products or purchase from local sources! Meat and dairy from grass-fed animals provide a much higher fatty acid profile, are more nutrient dense, and induce less inflammation within the body.

Prevent the Energy Crash

(2) Limit intake of refined sugar and sweets. All of the beautiful desserts and pies are tempting, you’ll be surprised to hear this, but HAVE SOME! Enjoy your holiday and enjoy the treats in small portions. Try the pie, try a cookie, but set a limit for yourself. 

Not satisfied after a few and craving more desserts? Pull out the leftover greens and have another helping of vegetables before indulging back into the sugar-filled treats. Also, drink a large glass of water, being dehydrated can leave you feeling hungry when all you need is some refreshing water.

Here is something you’ll like to hear, Complex Carbohydrates can be your friend!

All grains are NOT created equal. In order to gain benefits while eating carbohydrates, focus on intact, whole grain foods.

Hierarchy of Grains:
Intact whole grains (oat groats, barley, quinoa) Cut whole grains (steel cut oats, bulgur), Rolled whole grains, shredded whole grains, Ground whole grain (whole wheat flour products), Flaked whole grains (cold flaked cereals), Puffed whole grains (puffed wheat, rice, millet).

Why WHOLE grains? Well FIBER! It has been shown, consuming 14g or more of fiber per 1000 calories, reduces your risk of developing diabetes by 20-30%. Now what medication can do that?

Create Balance

(3) Plan to balance calorie intake the entire day. Focus your prior meals on small portions and nutrient-dense foods. Saving space to eat more with family and friends at the celebration will leave you feeling much better.
Go to to check out the supplements. They are 20% off for the holidays. 

It’s easy to forget the calories alcohol takes up in our diet. Alcohol can initiate stomach discomfort, and excess energy intake. Alcohol is commonly high in sugar and empty calories, it does not do anything positive for your health.

(4) Don’t wait for the stomachaches to hit! Help prevent the aches and pains associated with Thanksgiving dinner. Remember to take your digestive enzymes and probiotics to help with digestion, especially for foods you may not tolerate very well. We recommend Spectrazyme complete and Ultraflora Spectrum. Stress-reducing herbs- adaptogens to calm stress hormone cortisol- we recommend Serenagen or Adreset.
(5) Go for a Walk. Just finished off dinner or feel overindulged, engage in a walk alone or with family members. Moving soon after eating improves digestion, improves blood sugar levels, and reduces stress.
Photo by Frank Busch on Unsplash
(6) Get enough rest. The night before the large celebration, having a long night’s rest is ideal. In reality, that doesn’t usually happen, because we don’t prepare to do so, we just accept the lack of sleep. But you can make strides to accomplish restful sleep!
(7) Things to consider: Prepare dishes early and freeze them, start going to bed 30 minutes earlier a week before the celebration, or set out all the necessary clothes and items on the table a few days beforehand. If you are unable to prepare ahead of time, write all the tasks you want to accomplish in a journal. Releasing these tasks out of your mind will help you sleep easier.

Ease Your Mind

(8) Create a peaceful environment for yourself and guests. Use your favorite essential oils to diffuse in the house. Play calming tunes in the background while cooking or entertaining.
Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Highly Recommended Brand: DoTerra Essential oils. Can be used in a diffuser, in cooking and taking orally. Favorites are “Holiday Peace”  and “Holiday Joy”. Holiday Peace is made of fir oils and Frankincense, has a woody smell and is peaceful, grounding, activates the root chakra, alleviates stress, reduces negative thought patterns and helps mitigate negative dynamics.  “Holiday Joy” is made of cinnamon, clove, siberian fur and citrus. It has a very welcoming smell, sets the holiday spirit and is uplifting. I love “On Guard” oil that can be taken internally or diffused to protect oneself from sickness, boost immunity and clean the air if there are people coughing or sneezing around you. Check my holiday favorites at Holiday discount is in effect now. 

(9) Gratitude can heal the mind. Appreciation for what currently exists in your life can keep you positive. Say thanks for all the blessings you have in life. Including being able to spend time with family.
(10) The days leading up to a holiday celebration can be stressful. To help, implement one of the following into your days. Before you leave your bedroom in the morning or before you cozy up in bed for the night, meditate, pray, take time to breathe or a gentle stretch.  Stay mindful before after and during the celebration. Allow the mind to be calm and present.

Best of all, don’t forget to smile through it all.

Is there another topic that has you worried or stumped? Comment below and we would love to hear!

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